The Potbelly Bandits were a band active in the earls 00's Featuring me on drums, Mike Parish on Bass, Chris Haggqvist on guitar and John Daciuk on Vocals

 Download the potbelly bandits full length "In The Tree" for free

Get it here. 

The Marsh Hens is an active project with me on drums, Matt Glasser on vocals, Fred Marras on bass guitar and James Browning on guitar.

 Download the Marsh Hens' first two e.p.s "four harsh men" and "filth rattle" for free

Get "Four Harsh Men" Here

Get "Filth Rattle" Here

Laura Stevenson and the cans is an active project. I played drums on this release.

Get Laura Stevenson "a record" here 

Rapping is here: