Hey, just a quick update re: Hipster! (AKA Golden Age) which some of you may have helped to fund last summer. The book is totally done. Like 100% ready to go. All the files are clean and formatted and spellchecked into one nice .PDF. We finished last week sometime and our plan was to send it off to the printer and have it be done sometime in may, but I guess nothing is easy. The printer we were planning to use, 1984 Printing is not returning our calls or emails for some reason. I guess that is their prerogative, but it kind of sucks because we set up all the files to their specs and I determined how much money would need to be raised based on their price charts. I have been trying to get in touch with these people for about ten days now, and it's just dead silence on the other end. I've been checking their social media accounts (yelp, FB, twitter, blog, website) and there are no indications of them being on vacation or out of business or whatever. No auto response to the emails. The phone just goes straight to voicemail. What I did find were other people having the same problem at various times in the past. I don't know if 1984 are out of business or whatever, but I do know that just last year they had their own kickstarter to move to a new warehouse and continue their operation and their blog and website all say "send us your jobs!", so i really don't know what the deal is. 1984 comes highly recommended, I have seen their work, and it is nice. Also, their prices are unbeatable. But all that is moot if they won't email me back and do the job, obvs. So at this time, we are trying to find another cool printer who we can afford, and hoping 1984 will get back to us at some point so we can go ahead with things as planned. If anyone has any intel, that would be dope. Maybe they just don't like me. i dunno. Seems unprofessional. In the meantime, I sent out some postcards to the backers so you know I have not forgotten about you and here is a shot of the final cover. I promise the book is so dope and worth the wait. Come find me at MoCCA on sunday if you want to talk or get a postcard or zine or whatever. And if you want to preorder a copy of Hipster! (which will be out eventually by hook or by crook), you can do so here. Thx.



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