It's me, Greg Farrell, cartoonist and author of "On the Books". I wanted to let you know that I am trying to "Crowdfund" my next book called "Golden age" You can see the campaign page here: igg.me/at/GoldenAgecomic/x/769055.
Golden Age is a book length collection of humorous short comics about being a young artist (Hipster) in NYC during the "oughts". The book is rife with introspection and wit and personal anecdotes that are sure to appeal to anyone with such refined taste as your own.
I did some research and it looks like I'm gonna need around $3400 to print 1000 copies of the book. It's a few weeks into the campaign and a lot of generous people have contributed over $1000 to the campaign, but obviously, there is still a ways to go.
Take a look at the details on the campaign page and help out if you can. Every little bit helps. Otherwise, a "share", or a "like", or a blog post can make a world of difference as well.
Thanks ya'll



Buy a copy of OTB direct from me with a
little drawing inside for $16 ppd.
Totally amazing way to support an artist.