White whale of the bay


  1. Astounding. I've done this so many times.

  2. Early EPMD "nothing special"?!?! This from a "true head"?!?!
    I remember buying "Liquid Swords" when it dropped....my best mate had bought the first WuTang album from this mail order firm we usedta use, we lived in a cultural wasteland, anyway we got Yo! MTV Raps, no Wu stuff had been on there, we'd never heard of them, they hadn't even been mentioned in Hip-Hop Connection....anyway he got the album 'cause he was an aficionado of martial arts films and bought it 'cause of the title...I was staying at his house the day the package arrived, we listened to it, I didn't know what to make of it at first, to be honest but he duly taped it for me and a coupla weeks later I got my own copy....for some reason HHC didn't review it until it'd been out for AT LEAST four months...I bought "Protect Ya Neck" when it first dropped on clear yellow vinyl....with the extra verse M.E.T.H.O.D Man on the b-side...all the first wave solo stuff, singles...kinda tuned out after "Forever...", though....there were real underground jewels to spend money on, like the Fondle 'Em, Stones Throw and Rawkus stuff....and of course this was around the time British rap started to genuinely hold it's own with the best of the US stuff.....nowadays I don't know what rap is. But I'll never forget that music that I grew up with!
    First album bought--Raising Hell by RUN DMC
    Keep it vinyl and that's final!