Chef Don Fan Art Contest

Hey people. I just revamped a few things around here and added a fan art page.
As you can see there isn't much there yet. So I've decided to hold a contest.

Send me your drawings of Chef Don, Ronnie Randerhoeven or Earl Squirrel
By Dec. 15th so we can beef up the page.

The best drawing gets a few issues of my comics, a drawing and a hand selected
"Graphic novel" or book of comics from my personal collection (a good one, I swear.)

A Runner up gets some issues of my comic and some other stuff.

Maybe a book from my personal collection, but a crappy one. We'll see. 

Scan your entries and send them to doctormobogo (at) gmail (dot) com
or you can even mail them to me at

739 Dekalb Ave #2B
Brooklyn 11216

Deadline December Fifteenth

If you have no idea what Chef Don Looks like, See a whole lot of pictures of him here or cruise the site to read some comics.

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