20 dozen dons

Today marks the first day of my new long term project "20 Dozen Dons".
For the next 240 days (20 dozen) i'm going to draw one picture a day of chef don, with a pen,
making no corrections and post it to the page "20 Dozen Dons" in the sidebar.
check back EVERY DAY.

Archie artist Joe Edwards once told me that you have to draw a character 1000 times
before you really get a command of it.  i did some calculations and i've drawn chef don about 150-200
times, not including the comics from my youth. at that rate, it would take me about thirty issues of
my comic to hit the 1000 mark, so this project is intended to expedite that process.

At the project's completion, I plan to use kickstarter.com
to try and fund a small book featuring every image. stay tuned for that, we'll see.

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