chef don pea soup


just kidding it's not for sale, you could never afford it anyway.
One of a kind, vintage, original, prize offering chef don pea soup can
made when i was wee for the just kids nostalgia some-odd annual
auction catalog coloring contest. this was the prize for coloring the
supplied pull out poster of everyone's favorite chef (don).
the photos are courtesy of just kids proprietor ken farrell,
owner of can and archivist of contest submissions. maybe he'll scan
some and send them to me if hes not too busy. if you cant read it,
don is saying "move spoon", although it should read "move, spoon!"
and here for the first time i have added that comma, making it far more hilarious.
it is made with real peas, of course, and features nutrition facts that reads
"warning: do not eat!!!" (we should all know better by now than to eat anything
made by chef don). also, the barcode number is 415151515225525,
which i'm sure had a great deal of significance to my 12 year old self.

in other memorabilia news, i have designed a tote bag for the strand book store's first annual tote-bag design contest (fitting) and although it will not win, it is sure to be chronicled as some kind of memorabilia and here is the image of it. (nobody gets it)


finally, i have just this moment finished laying out the third issue of yoburbalino comics magazine #3
 and will have copies ready as soon as tomorrow, and many more on hand for the upcoming northeast comics festivals.

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