"how to talk to women"

this is another old one from slowcoach, inked by amanda bret. if it looks like i used to be a better artist, it is because she substantially enhanced my crude scribblings in the process. this also clearly goes for the lettering, but i'm solving that problem for myself as we speak. Maybe it isnt the best title but it is called "how to talk to women" and it features the first appearance of bill mcgill.

to let you know, all these comics are drawn on 11 x 17 boards (those ones you can buy anywhere) with pencil and ink and white out and then i scan them at internet garage, a cool process wherein the scans are emailed to me directly from the scanner, yo the future is now. point being i dont do any digital touch ups on the scans, which is why you see those scribbles along the edge. i'm trying to decide if its worth cleaning up or that it looks good raw, and do i want them to be portrayed as raw, or perceived as raw or not, as the case may be.

also, if anyone can tell me how to size these bigger, or the best way to post them, please email me doctormobogo@gmail.com or, do you think they are a good size?


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